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We enable ecosystems to thrive via trustworthy data

Our platform streamlines interactions across organisations, industries and international borders in order to assist in solving wicked global problems such as cost of living, food insecurity, sustainability, human rights and consumer transparency

Tyres Now Online - Integrated Waste Tracking Solution

Discover the Future of Waste Management

Introducing our cutting-edge Integrated Waste Tracking Solution (IWTS), a revolutionary digital tool that empowers waste operators to effortlessly track and report on hazardous and regulated waste.

Built on the innovative KPMG Origins platform, this solution offers a seamless, user-friendly experience that guarantees compliance and consistency across the nation.

NSW Tyres functionality is now online for IWTS with Asbestos and Hazardous Materials due to launch in 2024.

Waste Ecosysten

An ecosystem based platform

Our ecosystem-centric approach enables seamless connectivity between all participants with standardised and trusted data through our platform - here's how it comes together;

ecosystem diagram
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Core Functionality
Simple to use dashboards, reporting, data permission & administration tools

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Data Contributors
Ecosystem players share permissioned data which is combined with open data

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Data Consumers
Industry players, governing bodies and key stakeholders use trusted data for better decision making

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Trusted Data
Peace of mind your data is stored in an immutable fashion using the latest blockchain technology

Our solutions

We’ve already enabled several ecosystems which you can choose to join or we can collaborate to build unique features specific to the needs of your unique supply chain ecosystem. Our in-house team of highly skilled team of developers are continually building out improvements and new features on a monthly basis.

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Our blockchain-based track and trace technology helps supply chain trading partners codify trust, to enable streamlined interactions between various organisations in the ecosystem.
Each Digital Twin stores a significant array of validated data that helps enable participants to make informed digitally-enabled decisions.


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Lack of transparency can lead to risky outcomes impacting the construction industry and end consumers.

Our platform solution encompasses the Building Trustworthy Indicator to bring transparency and trust to the property industry, by putting data at the heart of the building lifecycle.


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Measuring embodied carbon is complex. With the lack of industry standards, the difficulties of measuring are not only in time but also cost.

The embodied carbon feature of our Asset Impact solution accurately measures the as-built embodied carbon of your assets for better stakeholder carbon reporting.


Multi-Industry focused

Efficiency is accelerated by connecting multiple industries for mutual benefits, below are some of the industries we're supporting through our ecosystem approach.

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Create value chains via traceability

Use blockchain technology to turn your supply chain into an efficient machine that minimises costs, maximises benefits and simplifies regulatory compliance for your entire ecosystem.


Reduce inefficiencies in regulatory compliance

Increased collaboration across a complex ecosystem creates value for all participants. From developers and builders to material manufacturers, regulators and financial service players, we help with permission based data access to extract what's valuable for each participant.

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Increased transparency to meet ESG expectations

End customer visibility to your sustainable practices is integral to future success. Our platform enables bulk commodity value chains to accurately track mass balance of credentials, including best management practice programs, participant integrity and sustainability certifications.


Improve valuation through data integrity

Financial services now risk falling behind without the right technology to improve their products and risk management practices. Our ecosystem platform enables the capture and streamlining of vast amounts of client data sources, which are now driving the integrity of finance and insurance models.

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