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BTI builds confidence in construction, via transparency and trust

Lack of transparency in construction can lead to risky outcomes impacting the building industry and end consumers.

The Building Trustworthy Indicator (BTI) brings trust and transparency to the construction industry by putting data and technology at the heart of building development.

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Reduced Confidence in the Sector

The building industry is facing reduced consumer confidence and trust due to several recent industry scandals.

39% of buildings have serious defects
77% of prospective buyers agree a measure of trustworthiness gives them confidence to buy
68% are willing to pay more for peace of mind when buying an apartment

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BTI promotes resilience and trustworthiness

Confidence in building resilience is at a low, with concerns about durability of apartments. Lack of traceability and accountability in construction practices makes it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions when purchasing apartments.

BTI enables transparency of key measures in the processes, materials, and participants of built assets so that consumers can make informed decisions on their investment.

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Understand the trustworthiness of your asset

The Building Trustworthy Indicator is a market-driven digital product that enables differentiation between trustworthy and non-trustworthy built assets and brings transparency to construction processes.


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Building Trustworthy Indicator (BTI)

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