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Asset Impact

Meet your ESG commitments by measuring, benchmarking and reporting embodied carbon for your buildings.

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To meet your built asset ESG targets, you need accurate emissions data

Buildings contribute a significant portion of global emissions and achieving meaningful reductions requires deep understanding of where the emissions are coming from.

Asset Impact is a market-led digital product that enables measurement, benchmarking and reporting of upfront embodied carbon.

Calculate a full emissions footprint

Track and compare your building's as-built Embodied Carbon emissions against initial designs throughout the construction process as well as against the typical carbon performance range for buildings in its class.

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Reduce overall impact

Minimise your total carbon footprint by understanding the impact of embodied emissions on your building, enabling you to take actions for both current and future projects to reduce the embodied emissions to a minimum.

Understand portfolio performance

Gain a holistic view of your project portfolio in order to track against whole-of organisation ESG and Net Zero commitments.

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How will Asset Impact benefit you?



Demonstrate your commitment to ESG and provide meaningful measurement of embodied carbon intensity in your assets.


Asset Owners

Understand and manage the emissions profile of the assets you own and invest in. Align the measurement to overall ESG targets.


Material Producers

Differentiate your products by sharing detailed ESG data for your product lines. Upload and share EPDs and data sheets alongside additional environmental and social metrics.



Understand and report on financed emissions associated with your real estate and property clients. Leverage data as an input into your TCFD reporting.


Sustainability Professionals

Understand the difference between as-designed and as-built emissions for your client. Optimise data collection from the project teams.


Builders and Consultants

Share building product and quantity related data with your clients to enable their ESG measurement and benchmarking activities.

Learn how we can calculate embodied carbon