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A collaboration to create a nationally consistent solution

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), in collaboration with Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) are delivering a nationally consistent tracking solution for hazardous and other regulated waste.

The industry engagement project represented the first stage of the development of a nationally consistent waste tracking system, with the ultimate aim being a solution that is accessible and attractive for all jurisdictions to either adopt as their own, or easily integrate and interconnect with. Initially the solution will be for use in NSW and Queensland.

KPMG has been engaged to design, develop and operate this solution utilising the established KPMG Origins traceability platform.

An industry outcomes focused project

The project had five key objectives:

Group 25478-1

Nationally consistent

A nationally consistent system that is accessible and attractive for all jurisdictions.

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Helps industry remain compliant with regulation whilst reducing the regulatory overhead.

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Highly configurable to support continuous change and advancement of regulation and industry.

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Simplifies interstate

Simplifies interstate transfer of waste and makes jurisdictional regulatory and waste differences seamless.

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Widely adopted

Achieves active and positive adoption by industry due to usability, reducing compliance costs, and delivered incentives.

Co-designed with Industry

The Industry Engagement Group is a forum for discussion, sharing industry insights and considered input, and support KPMG to develop a digital tracking solution to meet operator needs and deliver optimum outcomes. The group consisted of a diverse cross section of industry roles, businesses types and sizes across the regulated waste types. The purpose of the group was to: 

    • Contribute industry expertise and insights to inform the design of the solution
    • Support KPMG to develop a solution that will meet the needs of different players across the supply chain 
    • Contribute to the development of any guidance materials that may be required 
    • Provide feedback on iterative design features and materials developed to support the solution
    • Provide input into the considerations of the go-live plan for the solution
    • Provide a forum to discuss and resolve issues relating to this work. 

Benefits of the project

Creating an informed understanding of the solution and its features
Industry influenced the solution to minimise the impact on operations
A forum to ask questions and test first-hand the solution features
Explored new ways to meet regulatory requirements
Ensured the solution is for for purpose with a highly usable feature set

Project Updates


Asbestos Tracking 2

A webinar and Q&A on tracking Asbestos in IWTS.


Asbestos Tracking

A webinar and Q&A on tracking Asbestos in IWTS.

A solution feature focused agenda for the 2023 project

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